What Happened to Clean Energy Reform? (Video)


Photo via Greenpeace

Well, the dust is still settling from the massive failure in the Senate to produce a meaningful energy bill -- fingers are being pointed, everyone's angry, and there's a new pathetic bill being touted as an 'energy package' that's anything but. How did this happen? What's in the new bill? Where do we go from here? This mini-panel tackles the question on a very pertinent installment of Democracy Now. Watch:If you haven't followed the collapse of the climate bill, and its implications, this should help get you up to speed:

Kate Sheppard has reported on the various developments and setbacks for Mother Jones pretty much since the first iteration of the Kerry-Boxer climate bill (remember way back then?). She knows what she's talking about. And she may not look overly frustrated there, but believe you me, she is. We all are.

With only Home Star as the new "energy" bill's saving grace, this a complete and utter disgrace. As she points out in the video, there's not even a renewable energy standard, the weakest of attempts to stimulate clean energy development. There's certainly no carbon cap, and no penalties for polluters at all. It's indeed a deeply disappointing failure of our government to address the biggest problem out there.

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