What on Earth are you doing ... for the International Day of Forests?

Canadian Forest certified to SFI © Central Canada SFI Implementation Committee
© Central Canada SFI Implementation Committee - Canadian Forest certified to SFI

The International Day of Forests takes place every year on March 21. It was made official by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests in cleaning the air we breathe, filtering the water we drink, and helping mitigate climate change.

Every country is encouraged to organize local, national, and international activities that get everyone involved in supporting the sustainability of forests and trees. Look for tree plantings, symposiums, and exhibitions near you.

This year’s theme is “forests and sustainable cities” – with a focus on making cities greener, cleaner, healthier places to live for current and future generations.

4 Easy Ways to Take Part

  1. Watch and share the 2018 International Day of Forests video.
  2. Take a photo of a special forest or tree in your community and enter it into the International Day of Forests photo contest.
  3. Attend events and email your experience and photos to IDF@fao.org so they can be added to a gallery of other events around the world.
  4. Spread the word through social media, #IntlForestDay.

Bonus Forest Booster

Wherever your activities take you on the International Day of Forests—or any day—incorporate looking for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) label into your shopping routine. SFI’s on-product labels make it clear that a product has been responsibly sourced or comes from a certified forest. You’ll find the SFI label on hundreds of everyday products, from paper cups and plates to office and school supplies. You’ll even find the label on furniture and building materials like decking and windows.

Behind the label, you’ll find SFI, a sustainability leader that stands for future forests. SFI® is an independent, non-profit organization that provides supply chain assurances, produces conservation outcomes, and supports education and community engagement. Visit sfiprogram.org to learn more about SFI and the hundreds of conservation and community organizations it supports throughout North America.

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