What Does Gasoline Actually Cost Where You Live?

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I don't own a car, I'm fine with trains and subways, and I like walking. I do keep an eye on gasoline prices because they are in the news and mean a lot for the economy (and the global environment).

Yet, the way the oil has fluctuated in the past year makes me wonder how much people around the world are actually paying for driving. Cruel Fuel World has an interactive world map with prices as of August 2008 (Unit: $/gallon). How accurate are their calculations: what is the cost where you live? Do let us know in the comment section!

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That's Sweden, where drivers pay about twice as much for the privilege of driving a Volvo or a Saab, compared to your average driver in the United States. That includes taxes and other costs. Sweden wants to become fossile fuel free by 2020:

Sweden will stop using oil by 2020 and eventually the energy supply of the country will be based on renewable energy only. The goal is to gradually rid the country of gasoline-run cars and oil-heated homes.

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