What Does Being "EcoFriendly" Really Mean in Advertising? Infographic Lays Out Details

ecofriendly countries image

Ever wonder what the can-and-cannots of green marketing are? Ever wonder about how companies try to rope you in to believing their products place the environment as a priority? An infographic by ColumnFive done for Ethical Ocean dives into the nuts and bolts. EcoMom writes, "With green marketing at an all-time high, there has been much contention as to what words like "natural," "environmentally," and "eco-friendly" really mean. Although there is still no single definition, this infographic done with Ethical Ocean, attempts to discover what it signifies to be eco-friendly, and how it may be used as advertising bait."

The infographic starts out with a few definitions:

ecofriendly infographic

And moves on to what the FTC says about labeling, how consumers can avoid greenwashing, and statistics around the world on how businesses are doing in green marketing.

The full infographic is huge and fairly text heavy, so we recommend you heading over to ColumnFive to view it in large, rather than making you squint by squishing it in here. And a hattip goes to FastCompany.

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