What Do Corporate 'Best Practices' Look Like in 2011?

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This guest post is by Marian Hopkins of the Business Roundtable.

It's admittedly been a while since my last post on TreeHugger.com, but it's not for a lack of news. On the contrary, the members of Business Roundtable have been doing some great things. One of my chief responsibilities is managing our Sustainable Growth Initiative, which allows me to see first-hand how leading U.S. companies are addressing sustainability using innovative approaches to make smart business choices and improve the life we live. Our members, representing nearly $6 trillion in annual revenues and more than 13 million employees, work each and every day to make our communities, marketplace and world more sustainable. Whether developing new energy-efficient technologies or creating business solutions that reduce customers' and suppliers' carbon footprints, they understand that success is about more than just the bottom line. Success is providing solutions to difficult challenges that face mankind and sustainability.

Sustainable business strategies, then, are no longer an option; they must be rooted in a corporation's core business plan. Our members know this, and through our annual sustainability report they can demonstrate how they've rooted sustainability within their own companies. In fact, 115 of our member CEOs contributed to this year's report, Innovating Sustainability. That's the highest number of responses since we began leading this effort, and it speaks to the commitment of the business community in making their operations and their value chains more sustainable. Here are three examples from the 115.

AT&T; - working closely with our supply chain to bring innovative and sustainable products to market that reduce energy use and packaging waste.

Eaton Corporation - providing hybrid power systems to help cities and businesses run cleaner, greener, and more responsible commercial fleets.

The Hertz Corporation - offering customers more than 35,000 fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles - including 5,000 hybrids - through The Green Collection.

It's no coincidence that the release of our report falls the same week as Earth Day. Since 1970, this day has been a yearly reminder to protect our environment and celebrate efforts that raise the quality of life on our planet. We at Business Roundtable celebrate by capturing and sharing our members' passion, inspiration and ideas in their own words.

I hope you enjoy reading Innovating Sustainability and learning from the best practices the private sector has to offer. I also invite you to take a look at videos from several of our member CEOs explaining what sustainability means to them and send along your feedback. What else can companies do to advance sustainability?

What Do Corporate 'Best Practices' Look Like in 2011?
This guest post is by Marian Hopkins of the Business Roundtable.

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