What Could the Oil Spilled in the Gulf Have Been Used For? Animated Video Explores the Answer

Chris Harmon BP video photo

Image: Screenshot of Harmon's video

Chris Harmon, an animation artist and designer, wondered that question—what would the estimated 100-180 million gallons of oil be used for, if it hadn't been spilled into the Gulf? Harmon says he spent a month figuring out some answers and putting them into an eye-opening two-minute video. It's worth a watch.In describing his purpose for creating the video, Chris Harmon writes:

A year ago, a massive oil spill began in the Gulf. The entire country was glued to the news until the well was capped, and then we forgot about it.

As the year anniversary was fast approaching I became curious, just how much oil was that exactly? Where would it have gone? What I found was shocking.

Oil'd from Chris Harmon on Vimeo.

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