What Becomes a Legend Most?

It's the "Be the Change" conference which brings together world leaders in sustainability and social change to discuss ways to achieve an "environmentally sustainable and socially just world." One of the main sponsoring organisations is the World Future Council, a group of 50 eminent thinkers who work with decision makers to make world changes. The founder, Jakob von Uexkull and the Chair, Bianca Jagger spoke to the audience of approximately 200. Von Uexkull is a speedy, information-packed, hard headed speaker. His thoughts come fast and furious, drawn from his wide experience in politics and social organisations. He talked about power: how do we use the power that we actually have? And how it is not a fixed entity--if we give it to people then it can be shared. He said that change can come fast, pointing to the fall of the Berlin wall as an example.

Bianca Jagger is the Chair and her long list of accomplishments in the social and environmental justice area was impressive. She looks serious, and sexy, in her black trouser suit and pearls, and has a gravelly, low voice with a slight accent. It appears that her rock chick days as the wife of you-know-who and celebrity parties are almost over. She spoke knowledgeably, but not very originally, about the inequities between North and South America. Jagger became more animated when it came to the "Kids Call" programme where children write letters to the G8 Summit about protecting the world. She emphasized that rich countries must reduce their consumption of fossil fuels and protect the world's eco system and compensate South American countries if they want them to stop destroying rain forests. This is a woman who works hard and has played hard. More power to her. :: Be the Change

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