What an Urgent Global Call for a Real Climate Deal Looks Like (Video)

As the clock ticks louder, the eyes of the world aren't the only things keeping world leaders honest at Copenhagen; demonstrations, vigils and actions around the world in recent days have emphasized just how important this is for millions.

The record-breaking march in Copenhagen on Saturday -- capped by a candlelight vigil hosted by Archbishop Desmond Tutu -- was only the tip of the breaking iceberg. People organized more than 3,200 events in 139 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: there were vigils, marches, wall-signings, and on Sunday, thousands of churches and temples ringing their bells 350 times to signal the urgent need for action. Images from these events are being played on screens as delegates and media walk to negotiating rooms at the Bella Center; TckTckTck made a video, above.

Can a global citizen outcry have the force to break through the deadlock at Copenhagen and create the foundation for a serious climate treaty? That's like asking if we should spend so much to fight climate change: fail to fight hard now, and we'll be fighting an uphill, and possibly losing battle later.

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