What About Mr. Stinky Fish?

Readers embraced the name Mr. Splashy Pants for an endangered humpback whale with great enthusiasm. What about Mr. Stinky Fish? Well, no. The World Wildlife Fund had chosen this catchy name for the mascot for its campaign for sustainable fishing. However, the fishing companies and supermarkets went crazy because they don't want any words evocative of slime or smell to be associated with fish. They forced the WWF to pull the campaign because it was 'misguided and unfortunate: it damages the industry'.

The new name: Mr. Super Fish. Hmmmm. However the message is important: as consumers we should look for the Marine Stewardship Council label when buying seafood so that we only buy fish which are not threatened by overfishing. The ones to look for include cod, plaice, swordfish, monkfish and mackerel. :: The Observer

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