Whales in the Mix


If there's one tough cliché for environmentalists to shake, it's got to be "save the whales." In fact, whale-saving news has barely made the pages of TreeHugger at all. Maybe it's the unconscious/unspoken agreement to avoid an over bumper-stickered, crunchy-stigmatized cause. If so, it is to IFAW's credit that their Whale Remix Project was an immediate must post. The International Fund for Animal Welfare created a contest aimed at software-savvy cut chemists to create original tracks incorporating the beautiful songs of the humpback whale. Add some celebrity judges (including Johanna Fateman of Le Tigre, Tom Dumont of No Doubt, and Chris Vrenna, formerly of Nine Inch Nails and touring drummer for Marilyn Manson), some celebrity remixes, and a basket of assorted iPods for prizes and the recipe is complete. They also built a brilliant whale remixer page into their site which lets visitors blend beats, sound effects, and a host of whale songs within the browser. The winner of the contest, announced last week, is twenty-year-old Luke Moellman. His and the other winning tracks, along with celeb remixes, can be heard on the contest site. Also for download are the original whale trax used for the mixes. Check out the IFAW site for information on Japan's aggressive push to open commercial whaling and what people are doing about it. :: IFAW Whale Remix Project