We've Got 60 Days To Take Action! Protect Our Winters Launches Campaign to Pass US Climate Bill

Jeremy Jones (above) and the crew of Protect Our Winters want to make sure the US actually passes a climate bill, and they want your help in telling our Senators to get the job done. And to do it they've launched the Sixty Days campaign:Jones makes the immediate connection with the impact on the winter sports community and industry, beyond the obvious climate changes, in terms of economic impact:

To us, climate change is a threat to our local economies, our jobs and the vitality of our unique mountain communities that draw millions of tourists each year who shop in our stores, ride our lifts, eat in our restaurants and support thousands of other small businesses.

It's important that we come together as skiers, snowboarders, and winter enthusiasts to let the Senators know in these mountain regions that we support strong climate legislation and the move towards a new, clean energy economy.

Protect Our Winters points out that snow-based recreation accounts for $66 billion annually and supports some 566,000 jobs.

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