Wetland Conservation Expanding 75,000 Acres in 22 States


photo: J. Novak

The USDA announced last week that they would be expanding funding for wetland conservation in 22 states and Puerto Rico. Nearly $175,000 million will be distributed in order to extend wetland conservation by 75,000 acres. This is great news in my home state of South Carolina where so much of our land is made up of gorgeous wetlands.
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a plan to extend $175 million to our nation's wetland conservation. This is another step in the right direction for an administration that announced last month that it would permanently protect private forestland in 33 states and U.S. territories, 2 million acres of land in all.

Such wetland protection is crucial because the wetlands are the life blood for so many species. In fact, wetlands are comparable to rain forests in terms of native biodiversity. Wetlands also slow down the water as it reaches shore and prevent the erosion of the land. Wetlands can store up to 60 days worth of floodwater. Even more than that they act a high tech filtration system, keeping pollution out of our water supply. Their protection is critical.

The funds will be distributed to the following states:

Alabama $ 4,925,233
Arkansas $ 10,177,680
California $ 10,177,680
Florida $ 29,400,977
Georgia $ 1,881,920
Indiana $ 4,071,072
Iowa $ 6,106,608
Kansas $ 594,885
Kentucky $ 3,053,304
Louisiana $ 11,124,510
Minnesota $ 5,088,840
Mississippi $ 4,071,072
Missouri $ 20,864,244
Nebraska $ 18,319,824
New Hampshire $ 1,781,094
North Carolina $ 3,781,008
Oregon $ 6,680,754
Puerto Rico $ 668,202
South Carolina $ 4,071,072
South Dakota $ 4,071,072
Tennessee $ 6,106,608
Texas $ 14,738,553
Wisconsin $ 3,053,304
Total $ 174,809,516

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