Western US Governors Caught Over-Stuffing Obama's Suggestion Box

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A US regional interest group is positioning on environmental and energy issues - well before the January 2009 Presidential inauguration. So, the West has been heard from (see below). Now what, the New West? The South? Great Lakes States? The Coasts? The Mid-Atlantic? The Southeast? The Southwest? Red Blue and Green and In-Between States? Ya diddy yah.

Are we not one nation under the sun, in the wind, and above the geothermal, divisible over natural gas, oil and coal?

The bi-partisan Western Governors' Association has given President-elect Barack Obama a four-page letter detailing its recommendations for the new administration's energy policy, including an "aggressive and achievable national greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal."
Via:New West Politics, Western Governors Create Energy Wish List for Obama The wish list is extensive. Go read it for yourself.At some point there will be so much stuff in the box that it will be best to ignore it all.

Or just be a leader.

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