We're in this Together

Eight British companies have united together in a campaign to help shoppers cut carbon dioxide emissions. The industries joining forces to offer discounts on products or useful services are: B&Q; (like Home Depot), Barclaycard, British Gas, Marks & Spencer, O2, Royal & SunAlliance, BSkyB and Tesco. The campaign, spearheaded by the Climate Group, was formed because research showed that people wanted to do something but felt powerless when faced with the choices. So what are these big companies offering: Tesco will be selling half-price energy saving light bulbs, with a goal of moving 10 million over the next year. Marks & Spencer will be labeling 75% of its clothing with instructions to "Think climate, wash at 30 degrees C". B&Q; will be developing new insulation products, and the Insurer Royal & Sun Alliance is offering a new kind of "eco-insurance" where a technology box is installed in people's cars to give them information on their driving habits to help them drive in a more efficient way. Barclaycard is offering a new green credit card with discounts and donations and Sky T.V. will put yours into power-saving "deep standby" after 11 p.m. The charity Action Aid criticized the campaign for chasing the "green pound" whilst exploiting workers abroad. Given O2's initiative to encourage mobile phone owners not to buy new ones in a country where 40% of the population has one does sound a bit suspect. All of the initiatives will be tracked on a website and the impact will be calculated on a daily basis. Prime Minister Blair said: "Even if you thought it (climate change) was merely probable, the consequences are so devastating that it would be rather foolish not to act on it." :: together.com Via :: Guardian

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