Wells Fargo Company: The Number One US Green Energy Purchaser


The US Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of the "Top 25 Partners in the Green Power Partnership whose annual green power purchase is the largest nationwide". A financial services company known by its centuries-old stage coach logo, Wells Fargo is still getting the green in on time, with Whole Foods right behind. EPA says about all organizations on the top 25:- "Their actions are helping drive the development of new renewable energy sources for electricity generation. Combined, these purchases amount to almost 4.4 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, which is approximately 60 percent of the green power commitments made by all Partners. These Top 25 Partners provide an example to their peers, customers, and community". The full Top-25 list is show below, in rank order:
=== UPDATE ===
See earlier TreeHugger post on Wells Fargo Bank here: serving as a reminder that improvement comes one step at a time.Surely some of you reading this are thinking "where's the competitive advantage in spending more money for electricity than the competition." We address this thought with a current example: Merrill Lynch as whipping boy in an impending climate crisis*. Coal's sulferous vapors blacken even Wall Street's finest silver.

For you Top-25'ers, or even for those of you bringing up the rear: if doing business down Texas way, you may want to hire someone like this guy to ride shotgun. The coal coach is closing in fast. If you let it pass, Adam Smith's hand will wilt in the smog that ensues.

1. Wells Fargo & Company

2. Whole Foods Market

3. U.S. Air Force

4. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

5. Johnson & Johnson

6. Starbucks

7. DuPont Company

8. U.S. Department of Energy

9. Vail Resorts

10. HSBC North America

11. Cisco Systems, Inc.

12. Staples

13. New York University

14. The World Bank Group

15. University of Pennsylvania

16. IBM Corporation

17. Carbonfund.org

18. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

19. NatureWorks LLC

20. Sprint Nextel

21. Safeway Inc.

22. Pennsylvania State University

23. Kohl's Department Stores

24. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

25. The Tower Companies

Image credit: - "Uphill Stage" William Thompson, Wells Fargo Advertising Campaign

*Footnote: The chemical industry and US consumers at large are joint stakeholders in Texas' coal-fired generation capacity expansion issue. Currently, much of Texas' electrity comes from natural gas fired generators. Texas also is host to a large petrochemical industry base: you know - the companies that make plastics like PET, PE, and HDPE, often with natural gas as the basic raw material and energy input. In theory, at least, using coal to add to, or supplant, electrical generating capacity would loosen natural gas supplies. Without some means to slow gas consumption in other sectors, the US commodity chemical industry is increasingly vulnerable to competition from nations with gas aplenty. Somehow, electricity conservation and plastics recycling don't come up as long term solutions to the resource depletion problem. And then there is the whole matter of throw-away water bottles.

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