Weather Channel Launches Akita to Zebra Animal Challenge for Kids


Building on their success with the Forecast Earth Summit last fall, and with both Earth Day just weeks away and spring in the air, The Weather Channel has teamed up with By Kids For Kids (BKFK) to create the A2Z Animal Challenge asking kids to submit their brightest ideas to help save animals; particularly endangered species.

Of course there’s always room for a prize to sweeten the deal, and this time they’re laying out $10K for the kid with an idea that’s bright enough to take the prize. Plus, they’re promising a chance for the winner to see their idea come to life, though there’s no details given on how they’ll work that out.
Perhaps you’ve got a kid in mind with an eye for animals and a heart to protect them that would benefit from getting involved. It sounds like a great contest to me, and entries are accepted online until June 30, 2008.

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via: The Weather Channel

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