Weasel Word Watch: Tire & Trash Burners Lobby For "Renewable" Status

scrap tires pile photo

Scrap tire stockpile. Image credit:En-Tek

It might be efficient to unlock the energy in old tires, which are, after all, derived from petroleum. It might be relatively non-polluting to recover heat from burning tire bits if adequate emission controls are deployed. But, who would propose a law defining something made from petroleum as "renewable?" Some Ohio State legislators did, apparently. From the The Akron Beacon Journal:-

Ohio's solar and wind supporters and companies intend to ask Gov. Ted Strickland to veto provisions of the state budget bill that would permit trash burning and tire burning to be called "renewable energy."...

Last year, state lawmakers passed an energy bill that requires 12.5 percent of electricity sold in the state to come from renewable sources by 2025 and another 12.5 percent to come from so-called "advanced" energy sources, such as clean coal and nuclear power....

All it takes is one victory for the weasel worders, and it'll spread like a tire fire. So, be on guard.

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