We Use How Much Oil Per Second? (Video)

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Keep on pumpin'. Image by Cathy Calkins via Flickr

A liquid flow of 40,000 US gallons per second is a hefty amount. This seems to be the number that oil executives use to illustrate world oil usage. In 2007 Exxon-Mobil Chairman Rex Tillerson used this number and now David O'Reilly, the CEO of Chevron, has reputedly repeated the number.

So, what does 40,000 gal/sec look like? Click through to see. You can check out a brief rundown of the numbers by Harry over at Harryhammer's Blog, but here's his description of how he came to choose the video below to illustrate our worldwide oil usage.

Imagine a river of oil.

I thought it might interesting to see just how much oil we are talking about here, so I compared the amount of oil that we are currently burning in the world to the amount of water that flows in various waterfalls.

I used average yearly flow rate figures.

The flow rate of Jog Falls is about 153 cubic meters per second, a little less than our imaginary river of oil.

You can see what 153 cubic meters per second looks like here:

Jog Falls looks like a lovely place to visit doesn't it? But Harry doesn't let us dwell to long on the natural beauty of the falls as he says, "Now imagine it on fire with black smoke billowing into the air." And for all the human caused global warming deniers out there, Harry has some final words: "To adamantly insist that this couldn't be effecting the environment is irrational."

(Thanks to Lukas for the tip!)

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