We Must Make Peace With the Planet & Act Now on Climate Change: Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Video)

With COP15 less than a week away let the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu really sink in. We have a moral imperative to stop climate change... we are part of nature but the only part that can act... we must make peace with the planet.

This may sound familiar to many TreeHugger readers, but even more than talk of cleantech investment, greener gadgets, the smart grid, cradle-to-cradle design and green whatever, Tutu's words get to the heart of the matter, the heart of the type of mass evolutionary change that has to happen if we are to create an ecologically sustainable future. Everything else is just surface decoration. Crib from them liberally.More (including Arnold Schwarzenneger's COP15 message, in some sort of Top Gun flight jacket emblazoned with patches of the California flag... I kid you not): UNFCCC
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