We Introduce WeeHugger

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We are so pleased to announce WeeHugger, a great new site full of ideas to keep children happy, busy and productive. In these tough times everyone has to pitch in and contribute and children have so much to offer. And they love to work at things, often spending hours on the same activity, no matter how repetitive and inane it seems to us. Just look at video games! Why not use our site to learn how put that incredible energy to work.

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We don't have to say much about the joys of working with kids in the garden, they love it and it is a great opportunity to bond in the dirt.

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on a larger scale, kids have worked the fields with mom and dad for thousands of years. Good, healthy exercise and lots of fresh air and sunshine.

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We will show you how much fun it is to enjoy the fruits of your work in the fields.

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But not everyone can be out in the sun. That doesn't mean you can't contribute; sewing is an activity that has kept kids busy for years. And us homeworkers love the idea that our kids could be working alongside us; together all the time, being productive and useful.

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We all know that the media are changing rapidly; newspapers are becoming lighter and thinner every day. This creates a great opportunity for our kids; they can get out there selling them again, like they did before they became so full of advertising and too heavy for children to hold up. But now they can, the kids can earn some money, the newspapers can cut their distribution costs, and all will be well again in the print media world.

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Don't you remember how you loved playing in refrigerator boxes and making forts out of cushions? Kids love small spaces, and are just perfectly sized for the new opportunities in the clean coal industry.

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And you will never have to worry about sunscreen again.

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there is all kinds of fun to be had in recycling of metal;


but it is in the production of local organic fabric where kids shine, with their fast moving, tiny hands and their fascination with doing things over and over.

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And you never have to be far from your kids, or them from you. WeeHugger will show you how to make the most of the opportunities for kids in this wonderful new world. Stay tuned!

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