We Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept: Promoting Bottled Water to Fight Drought

This author has just walked past a restaurant with a sign in the window stating that, due to water restrictions, they will no longer be serving water to tables unless it is asked for. Intrigued, we asked a friend who is a committed water conservation activist, and she informed us that this is actually a year-round requirement which nobody enforces. We suspect the amount of water that such a move saves, compared to measures like restricting lawn irrigation, is relatively small, but it does send out a welcome message that potable water is not something to be taken for granted.

Other conservation schemes seem less brainy to us. While looking into the idea of water conservation in restaurants a little further, we found an astounding article from 2002 about restaurants in Charlottesville, Virginia banding together to help conservation efforts. Their solutions? Promote bottled water and use paper plates. While we applaud anyone taking up the old "Act Local" mantra, we would counsel them to not forget its preceding phrase - "Think Global". Even bottled water comes from somewhere, and the water and other resources that go into making plastic bottles and paper plates are likely to far outweigh the amount wasted from table service of tap water. Let's just hope that things have progressed in the years since this article was written.

For more thoughts on water conservation, check out our guide on How to Green Your Water, and take a look at our posts on The Navy Shower and The Selective Flush while you are at it. ::Cavalier Daily::via Google search::

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