We Are Like "Watermelons: Green On The Outside And Red Or Socialist On The Inside."

Will Hales of Wicomico County, MD., describes how Mar-Delicious watermelons are produced on his farm.

Name calling is so much fun. Maryland State Senator Richard Colburn, R-Cambridge, thought he was having some at our expense when he characterized environmentalists as watermellon-like (quoted in the headline of this post). Per the response from Assateague Coastkeeper, Salisbury, MD, via Yahoo News, "Colburn made his inflammatory comments during official business of the Maryland Senate on February 15, 2010. Among the insulted organizations are a number of military veterans who are outraged that their concern about the environment was used by Colburn as the basis for a deliberate smear." Vets are particularly offended and have demanded an apology. Yahoo link above has the whole story.Among Maryland residents, there seems to be a preference for locally-produced watermelon with the sweet red insides.

ANNAPOLIS, MD (July 17, 2007) - A two-state promotion of locally-grown watermelons launching in July encourages consumers to buy the great-tasting, healthy fruit with the brand label of "Mar-Delicious" in area food stores.
Mmmm, my favorite too.

Coast Keepers do good local work too. For more information on Assateague Coastkeeper, Salisbury, MD, go to this link.. They and other watermelon types do good work on protecting the Chesapeake Bay and local rivers.

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