"WE ADD UP" in Fight Against Climate Change


In case you're looking for a great gift idea for the holidays or maybe a unique fundraising idea for your school or group the "WE ADD UP" T-shirts from the folks at "I'm Organic" just may be what you're looking for. The whole idea is to help people realize that while no one person can do everything, it is certainly possible for everyone to do something to help slow climate change. And do something we must, because ultimately "WE ADD UP".

Essentially, you order a shirt with your choice of one of 24 possible actions that people can take to help make a difference. Then, your number in the list of shirts sold to people committing to take at least one step in the right direction is added to the front of the shirt along with the action you've chosen to commit to on the back.

I've heard there are schools and church groups selling them successfully to raise a buck in the process and I bet there are more folks out there who might like one in your area too

I say give 'em a look!

via:: press release

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