Ways to Avoid Eco-Fatigue

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We've touched on this idea of "eco-fatigue" in jest, but Advertising Age recently ran an article saying that consumers are beginning to burnout from all of the eco-advertising. It seems like the term 'going green' is everywhere these days and can be exhausting, not to mention confusing. With the threat of complete loss of polar bears and bees looming just over the horizon, how then do we keep on the green path without saying "screw it, I can't drive 55"?

The seven tips suggest that eco-companies provide a product that actually does something better, different than what is out there (surprise!), otherwise its just one more product on the market and consumers won't buy it. Also, make a product that is not only fun, but that you actually believe in it. While you might luck out and get rich, you also might not, so its better to love it and believe in it. Also, avoid the hype and just keep doing what you can do.Of course partnering with a non-profit is always good because you give back to support causes you believe in. Another fun tip is to get cheerleaders - offer your products free to certain people who will then go out and "ra-ra" for you, including developing internet support groups and providing more green resources to interested folks.

Finally, the advice is to work beyond green on the triple bottom line. Companies like Patagonia, Clif Bar, and New Belgium are interested in people, profits and the planet. "Environment is the third leg of the stool, but without the other two, you wouldn't have a place to sit." If you treat your workers right and put out a good product, good things will come back to you.

Some of these tips seem more like how to avoid greenwashing than green-fatigue, but in general they were pretty apt for any green business.

We hate to even mention this because no one likes the idea that going green has downsides or might be unpopular, but ultimately we can't afford for this to be a fad. We've got too much at stake now, and we've only just begun. This has to be a life-style change and its a marathon, not a sprint. Don't give up just yet.

To see all seven tips, check outAdvertising Age online.

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