Water, Water everywhere...

So here we are on the shores of Lake Ontario, full of water almost clean enough to pump straight into the glass and we have a water emergency, due to long-term neglect of the pumping infrastructure. Fortunately ecoholic at Now Magazine has lots of recommendations about how to maintain your garden while using less water. Most of this will be old news to Treehuggers in the southwest or in Australia but it's new to us here.Suggestions include:
-two inches of compost (don't use mulch, it promotes fungus growth);
-under-watering to encourage spreading of roots;
-watering early morning or late evening to minimize evaporation;
-replacing the popular but thirsty Kentucky Bluegrass with rye grasses;
-collection of water with rain barrels (a subject dear to our hearts at Treehugger)
We barely know how to spell the word drought here- we welcome tips, links and suggestions from dry Treehuggers everywhere. ::Ecoholic at Now Magazine