Watch Their Backs - Lobbyists Are At The Public Trough Again

Via: Seattle Post Intelligencer: - Washington DC USA -- "Mayor Greg Nickels told a Senate committee Thursday that state and local governments are leading the fight against global warming, and he warned Congress against reining in local efforts that are under way across the nation..."We are not just signing a piece of paper," Nickels told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. We are making tough choices. We are investing our taxpayers' money. We are transforming our cities into laboratories for climate protection. In short, we are making a difference, and laying the groundwork for strong federal policies and programs."" At the Federal level, there is reason for concern that local initiatives will be over-ridden by Federal mandate, driven by special interest lobbying. For example, via Christian Science Monitor, "The National Mining Association has ramped up Capitol Hill lobbying, creating a new coalition and website, Many in Washington are warming to the idea. CTL [coal to liquid] bills in the House of Representatives and the Senate have received strong backing". Image credit: Mayor Nickels Sustainable Industries Journal

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