Watch David Suzuki Get Punched in the Nuts (Video)

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Image credit: CBC Laughs
David Suzuki is more used to winning prizes than receiving physical abuse. Nevertheless, one young TV reporter in Canada took it upon himself to punch the venerable David Suzuki in the groin. Why, you might ask? It is all, apparently, a cunning plan to save the world.

I'm not sure this counts as comic genius, but there's a serious point here. In a world where internet "hits" invariably involve dumb stunts, cute kittens or scantily clad women (my second most popular post ever involved a young woman dancing in lingerie while talking about peak oil), it can be hard for scientists or activists to make their voice heard.

Meanwhile, as referenced in the extended clip below, politicians and celebrities alike go largely unchallenged when they call the most basic science into question. (Miss USA contestants denying the existence of evolution is one thing, but when politicians start attacking science it gets scary.)

Sometimes it feels like the only sensible solution is to punch somebody in the nuts. I just never thought of doing it to someone on "our side"...

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