Waste Management Plans To Green Its Operations


Everyone consumes. And, sure as we make waste, somebody's got to pick up what solids get left at the curbside. How to "green up" the rest of the life cycle? Waste Management, Inc. is announcing plans to increase the amount of trash that it captures for recycling, to up the fuel efficiency of its fleet, to produce more energy from waste, and to convert more land into conservation or 'green space' status. TreeHugger's Jasmin will be talking with Waste Management's CEO, David Steiner, about these plans. Highlights of the announcement follow.

"Waste Management, North America’s largest provider of waste and environmental services, today announced an environmental initiative to increase the value of the company’s services to its customers while benefiting the environment." The plans include:

Make more energy from waste. Today, Waste Management creates enough energy for the equivalent of 1 million homes each year. By 2020 it expects to double that output, producing enough energy for the equivalent of more than 2 million homes.

Increase the volume of recyclable materials processed. Waste Management currently processes 6 million tons of recyclables; by 2020 it plans to capture enough of the increasing volumes to process more than 20 million tons.

Up transportation efficiency. Waste Management will direct its capital spending of up to $500 million per annum over the next 10 years to increase the fuel efficiency of its fleet by 15 percent and reduce fleet emissions by 15 percent. The company also expects to invest in technologies to enhance its waste business.

Preserve wildlife habitat across North America. By 2020, Waste Management plans to increase by more than four times the number of facilities – from 24 to 100 – certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council, and increase the number of acres set aside for conservation and wildlife habitat to approximately 25,000.

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