Washington State U Offers Organic Agriculture Degree


Starting this fall, students at Washington State University will be able to major in Organic Agriculture. The first program of it's kind here in the US has been a work in progress over the past three years, during which time the benefactors of the program had to lobby hard to prove student demand and that the degree would lead to jobs. The new Organic Agriculture Systems major is expected to appeal not only to aspiring organic farmers but also to people interested in related industries, such as global marketing, direct marketing or organic food. According to Cathy Perillo, coordinator of the new degree program, "There's quite a bit of industry interest in the new degree, too. Large corporations increasingly are interested in meeting the nation's growing appetite for organic foods are seeking employees who understand organic agriculture systems." The major includes a summer practicum at WSU's three-acre organic farm on the east edge of campus. There, students will get hands-on experience in planting, nurturing, harvesting and marketing organic produce. We think Craig Sams would be proud. ::Washington State University via ::Northwest Public Radio