Washington State Bans Sale & Distribution Of Shark Fin Products

bowl shark fin soup photo

Bowl of shark fin soup. "The value of shark fins for shark fin soup has led to an increase in shark catches. Usually only the fins are taken, while the rest of the shark is discarded, usually into the sea." Image credit:Wikipedia

Washington Governor Gov. Chris Gregoire had a choice: sign the bill, or not. She acted sensibly to help save five endangered orders - representing roughly half the sharks of the world - over 70 million of which are killed each year by cutting off and keeping only the fins. The the rest of the edible shark meat, and the hide, are usually wasted. As reported in The Olympian, the newly signed legislation "prohibits the sale, trade or distribution of shark fins or derivative products in Washington...Hawaii and Guam have passed similar measures. Proposed measures are being considered in Oregon and California."Washington has major ports that bring in goods from Asia and send them there. So this is good on the distribution side too.

Too bad about spoiling cultural traditions of wealthy Asians and Asian immigrants. Just because they don't care, doesn't mean Americans have to support the greed.

Don't bother to comment with the expected 'we need the budget cutting to be priority one' stuff. There's no capital expense.

Washington State Bans Sale & Distribution Of Shark Fin Products
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