Want To Take A Climate Stand On Campus?


Then check out what students on over 575 college campuses in over 49 states and 8 Canadian provinces are doing to help stop global warming In what's being billed as the largest mobilization in the history of the youth global warming movement, they're taking part in a week of action all this week called Rising to the Climate Challenge: Visions of Our Future, a part of the Campus Climate Challenge which unites students to win 100% clean energy policies at their schools. The weeks' actions intended targets are campus admins who control the politics and purse strings that ultimately give them the power to clean up their schools energy policies and make a difference in the fight against global warming at the campus level.

And not only is the focus on pressuring admins to do the right thing for our future, but its also helping to educate tens of thousands of students at the same time through public viewings on campus of An Inconvenient Truth; kids who might otherwise have never taken the time to view the Oscar-nominated film. Who knows, maybe some of them will be inspired to proffer a short clip of their own to TreeHuggers' "Convenient Truths" contest about how else they can make a difference in saving the planet?How else are students taking part? Well, in addition to the film screenings students are also holding rallies, educational forums and requesting meetings with local members of Congress to urge that the U. S. take a leading role in reducing greenhouses gases... Students at Rutgers alone have put together over 200 petitions to send to Rep. Frank Pallone D-NJ to attend a screening and discussion of An Inconvenient Truth, which will also kick-off a campus-wide dorm competition to save energy. So if you're interested in checking out what's going on in your area, then click here to see how you can join the action!