Want to Blog from Copenhagen? Enter the Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest


Image via Hopenhagen

Faithful TreeHugger readers and greens already know that the global climate talks in Copenhagen this December are a very big deal--but much of the world does not. Which is why the Huffington Post and Hopenhagen have a fantastic contest underway to help an ordinary citizen help spread the word about the climate talks. And yes, it could be you--here's how you could get a complimentary trip to Copenhagen and a chance to report on one of the biggest events of our time.All you need to do is send in a one minute video explaining why you should be the one to cover the talks with your unparalelled passion and blogging skills. The contest will be democratic, with candidates voted on by HuffPo readers over at the Huffington Post Green. This video briefly explains the process:

To see some of the first candidates, check out this slideshow of potential climate reporters. For more information, visit the Hopenhagen contest information page.

Good luck, future climate bloggers.

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