Want a Strong Climate Deal? Become a Citizen of Hopehangen

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We're coming into the home stretch before the COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen and we need to put as much pressure as possible on our national representatives that at this moment there is no more important single issue than establishing a fair, ambitious, and binding international climate change agreement. One great way you can make your voice heard is by taking part in Hopehagen, and signing the UN Climate Petition:Recently launched, the Hopenhagen campaign is backed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, several corporate sponsors, and has received endorsement from IPCC chair Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

Secretary Ban touted the goal of Hopenhagen,

Climate change is one of the epic challenges facing this and future generatrions. World leaders will come together for the Copenhagen climate change conference in December and every citizen of the world has a stake in the outcome. It is time to sign a deal. We need a global movement that mobilizes real change. [Hopehagen] is about global action for a global climate change treaty and a better future for mankind.

Here's How to Take Part
Go to Hopenhagen.org and sign the climate change petition.

Help spread the word about the campaign by joining the Hopenhagen Facebook fan page, following Hopenhagen on Twitter, demonstrating support by adding Hopenhagen badges and banners to your website.

And one more thing...
This is my personal addition to the call to action: Though Hopenhagen is an online campaign, we all need to go one step further (and one more after that....). Call and email your local and national representatives. Let them know that we have no time to waste in addressing climate change. Get out in the streets and every possible opportunity to make noise about this. Online campaigning is great, but nothing compares to the impact of hundreds, thousands of people massed together in unity on an issue.

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