Wall Street Kills Both Jobs and Planet. Main Street Can Save Them.

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David C. Korten has argued before that we must "get rid of the Wall Street mafia", and he's made the case for economic biomimicry, building our economies by learning from the structure and dynamics of nature. As the US readies itself for Obama's big jobs speech, Korten is firing off another missive over at CSR Wire, explaining why we must dispel the myth of Wall Street as a job creator, and instead rediscover the value of Main Street economics. This isn't just about jobs and money either, says Korten, a human-scale economy will be central to finding real ecological balance too:

We can turn as a species from an economic system devoted to perfecting our capacity for violent exclusionary competition to one devoted to perfecting our capacity for caring inclusionary cooperation. We can turn from economic institutions that draw down Earth's nonrenewable reserves of fossil energy to oppose, dominate and mine Earth's biosphere to institutions that work in integral partnership with the extraordinary generative capacity of Earth's self-organizing living systems.

Check out Korten's Living Economies Forum and The Agenda for a New Economy for more on this inspiring economic thinker.

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