Wall Street Journal: Small Firms See Big Potential In Going Green


When Eco-Terr (shown above) was launched in 2001, nobody got it."People were skeptical about the durability of the products and if they would last," says founder Ofer Mizrahi. Now it is a booming business. The reason? According to the Wall Street Journal, a fundamental change was taking place. The public had started to see the value of eco-friendly construction materials, thanks in part to a widespread movement toward "green" architecture.

The Eco-Terr line has become a hit "as more people become aware and learn more about green products and technology," Mr. Mizrahi says.

The Journal continues: For entrepreneurs, it's never been a better time to go green. Prompted by fears of global warming and other environmental ills, consumers have started seeking out more eco-friendly products -- giving a big boost to small businesses that serve the niche.Its good for small business: Many green consumers tend to see a small, local business as naturally more environmentally sound than a sprawling multinational. And small businesses can provide a personal touch that big ones can't -- which can be important when selling complicated eco-friendly wares.

"Small businesses connect with consumers on a personal level," says Michelle Barry, senior vice president of Hartman Group, a research institute in Seattle. ::Wall Street Journal