Walk To School Week Takes Crazy Twist in England


Walk to School Week in Brighton & Hove England took things over the edge as the road outside their Rudyard Kipling Primary School was closed to traffic and covered with plants, flowers and artificial grass so kids could walk on the roadway as though it were a path. The project itself just may be the first of its kind on the planet to be quite honest. I mean really, who ever heard of covering the road with fake grass just to prove a point about walking to school and sustainability? And from the looks of things it really had an impact on kids, the most important part of any project to get their attention about sustainability no matter how wacky it seems at first glance. How wacky was it? Well, not only was the road covered with fake grass and plants, but the kids were met with strange characters to greet them like singing cowboys and a fish on a bicycle too. So how did teachers and students feel about the whole crazy idea? Well, as Headteacher Barbara Shackell pointed out: "It was absolutely fantastic! There was a carnival atmosphere. The children were incredibly excited. They rounded the corner to come face to face with lots of weird characters and the road all turfed over and covered with magnificent plants. They loved it." And this brings up a point that's been running around in my head for the last year and a half. If we're going to get the message of sustainability drilled home to kids we're probably going to have to make it as wacky and fun as we possibly can. And that's because it's just too serious and potentially overwhelming a topic for many of them to digest in any other way. So here's to many more wacky, creative projects that make a positive difference in great ways like this one. The world could use a lot more of them!

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