Walk Score Ranks The Top 10 Most Walkable Cities in the U.S.

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Not too long ago our very own Lloyd Alter pointed out that walking matters. And that a walkable community promotes better health, a reduction in greenhouse gases, a variety of transportation options, increased social capital and stronger local businesses. And now Walk Score, devoted to helping you find more walkable places to live based on a patented algorithm that enables them to compute a walkability score based on the distance to a wide range of shops, necessities and attractions has come out with the top ten most walkable cities in which to live.

But is yours among them?


Top Ten Most Walkable U.S. Cities
Well, if you live in San Francisco, New York or Boston you’re lucky enough to live in one of the top three. With Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington D.C., Long Beach California, Los Angles and Portland Oregon rounding out the list.

Of course, they’ve got a full ranking of 2508 neighborhoods nationally that you can search to determine where your favorite locale stacks up, and with gas at over $4 a gallon there’s really no reason not to give Walk Score a shot.

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