Wal-Mart's Summer Store Dimming Program Saves Tons


"Wal-Mart Canada stores across the country yesterday began reducing lighting by one-third for the summer in 240 of its stores, a strategy aimed at helping the company meet its plan to lower carbon emissions by at least 19,000 tons this year. As a result, Wal-Mart Canada expects to slash carbon emissions by over 4,500 tons, help control summer smog conditions, and aid the stability of provincial power grids...The reduced summer-lighting program was piloted in Wal-Mart stores across Ontario in the summers during 2005 and 2006, originally implemented in response to continuing summer energy concerns in the province. The Canada-wide expansion of the program is a result of the company's sustainability goals and its recently introduced "For the Greener Good" program. Participating locations have posted door-front notices explaining the change and its environmental benefit to shoppers. Via:: Progressive Grocer

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