Wal-Mart to Go Solar on 60 More California Stores

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While Fox bashes solar on one hand, and embraces it on the other, other corporations are more unequivocal in their embrace of this rapidly-growing technology. When I wrote about IKEA's ambitious solar energy plans, for example, some commenters called on Wal-Mart to step up to the plate. But, when it comes to solar, Wal-Mart was already doing more than most. And an announcement yesterday suggests they are preparing to take their large-scale on-store solar installations to the next level.We have, of course, already covered Wal-Mart's solar efforts many times before. From adding thin-film solar to some stores, to launching the largest solar array in Latin America, while the corporation's detractors can accuse it of many things, lagging behind on adoption of solar and renewables is not one of them.

Now the company has announced it will be installing solar arrays on 60 more California stores, bringing the total of solar-powered stores in California to 130 by the end of 2013—or 75% of all the stores it owns in the State. So while the Conservative media continues its bizarre crusade against solar, forward-thinking corporations are busy embracing the new paradigm of energy generation. And as the Wal-Mart press release argues, they are putting people back to work in the process:

Walmart's investment in solar power is anticipated to create hundreds of jobs in California through its partnership with SolarCity, which will own, install and maintain the new solar power systems. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company has added more than 500 new full-time jobs since it initiated its first Walmart solar project, and expects to hire hundreds more before the end of the year.

Of course the cultural implications of this move should not be underestimated either. The visibility of the clean energy revolution is key at this stage. Just imagine if each of these stores had a giant display at their entrance showing just how much power was being produced...

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