Wal-Mart Dumps BPA Bottles; More Studies Pan BPA


Bisphenol A has been a question for years, but the industry had the ear of government, billions of pounds of it are made each year and nothing ever happened. However, marketers aren't stupid; after the first Canadian reports earlier this week, retailers were pulling it off the shelves. Now it is happening in the States.

Wal-Mart to Pull Bottles Made With Chemical BPA Wal-Mart will stop selling baby bottles made with the controversial chemical bisphenol A in its U.S. stores early next year, a spokesman said yesterday. A spokeswoman for Target said the chain began testing glass baby bottles in its stores in January and offering them online in February. Babies R Us said its sales of glass bottles have increased fivefold since last spring. ::Washington Post
Bisphenol A can alter genes, study finds Bisphenol A, the widely used compound in polycarbonate plastic, has the ability to alter the activity of genes in normal breast cells in ways that resemble what is found in extremely dangerous breast cancers, according to a new study. ::Globe and Mail

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