Wal-Mart Canada goes for Green Bullfrog Power

This post is taking forever to write. It is so easy to rail against Wal-Mart and this TreeHugger wouldn't be caught dead in one. On the other hand they keep announcing green initiatives. In Ontario, they have just made a huge purchase of green power from Bullfrog; in the first year alone it will reduce greenhouse emissions by 7,000 tons. "Wal-Mart Canada is demonstrating its leadership through this multi-year purchase of green power," said Tom Heintzman, President, Bullfrog Power. "By supporting clean, renewable power in Ontario, Wal-Mart is taking meaningful action to reduce its carbon footprint and help combat the environmental and health consequences of air pollution in the province." We are not going to try and figure out what percentage of Wal-Mart's carbon footprint this is. We are not going to be churlish. We are going to congratulate Wal-Mart, which usually is pretty effective at getting the lowest possible price from its suppliers, for paying a little more for cleaner, greener power. ::Bullfrog Power and ::Wal-Mart PDF Press Release