Wal-Mart Argentina (Finally) Launches Green Program

The Argentine franchise of Wal-Mart supermarkets has finally joined its mother company in what refers to green initiatives and has launched a program to substitute all plastic bags in its local stores for oxi-biodegradable ones. According to the company, these "include an additive in their manufacturing process that brakes the carbon links and transforms them into products sensible to sunlight, humidity, temperature and other factors that cause natural degradation. At the same time, the bags maintain their resistance and safety properties". Wal-Mart Argentina claims to be working with providers, local government, NGOs and communities in initiatives that can "satisfy today's needs without compromising the possibility that future generations can satisfy theirs". The new oxi bags got to supermarkets May 14th. Check our articles on Wal-Mart USA here, and among they, Lloyd's It's getting harder to Hate Wal-Mart. ::Wal-Mart Argentina