Waiting On A Green Renaissance

roasted cinderella pumpkin photo

Roasted Cinderella Pumpkin

Using 2008 as a reference point, 2009 promises a blizzard of political debris, lofted by an un-closeting of science. And, if history be any guide, the chatterboxes of US radio and TV will try to bury the ideas of a barely-formed green sub-culture in drifts of insensible talking points.

The prospect of a Green Renaissance is faint indeed, seen through the lens of 2008. No wonder I am reluctant to let go of this fall's imagery: like the roasted pumpkin on my stove top, pictured here. And others.She dries her hair quietly, at the wood stove.

hair drying by the fireplace photo

I do hope we'll have a Happy New Year, un-burying ourselves and learning together.

Onward, then!