VW Emissiongate not over: New cheating models by Porsche and Audi discovered

Porsche Cayenne Diesel
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The scandal keeps spreading

You'd think that after getting caught with its hand way deep in the cookie jar, Volkswagen would come clean and give a full list of vehicles that use its software to cheat on emission cheating. But apparently not. New testing by the EPA has revealed new diesel models that apparently are also designed to circumvent air-quality laws: The 2014 VW Touareg, the 2015 Porsche Cayenne, the 2016 Audi A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8, A8L and Q5. Quite the high-end lineup from the two major luxury brands that VW owns!

What these have in common are 3-liter diesel engines. Most of the other vehicles that were singled-out in the scandal use 2-liter diesel engines.

Since the scandal became public, the EPA has been testing all diesel models. So far it hasn't uncovered the same deceitful practices in diesels from other manufacturers.

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One thing that has been bugging me about how VW has been dealing with the scandal is that they replaced the old CEO with the head of Porsche, a man who was in charge of VW product planning between 2007-2010, a time when the cheating diesels were being produced. Why not find someone who has absolutely no links to this? And now that testing has revealed the Porsche diesel vehicles were also involved in the scandal, does the head of Porsche seem like a good leader to clean up the company?

Maybe he wasn't involved, but the optics of the situation certainly aren't good. Best to avoid the appearance of a problem after a big scandal like this.

Porsche Cayenne DieselPorsche/Promo image


VW Emissiongate not over: New cheating models by Porsche and Audi discovered
The CEO of Porsche is now in charge of cleaning the VW scandal..? Hmm.

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