Voters Want Clean Energy, Not Drilling, Poll Finds


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I reported yesterday that there's a major push from the GOP to vastly expand offshore drilling and to loosen regulations to boot -- they have, evidently learned zilch from last year's catastrophic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But they're persisting -- they falsely claim that rising gas prices could be alleviated by more drilling. A claim that, as John Laumer explains, falls somewhere around the super-duper untrue zone. And get this -- it turns out that voters would rather see more investment in clean energy than drilling. According to an NRDC Action Fund poll, Americans would be more likely to vote for a candidate who's in favor of boosting clean energy and ditching oil. From the poll's release:

As Congress prepares to consider legislation that would dramatically increase offshore drilling while relaxing safety precautions, a new poll shows that a majority of voters wants something else: Candidates who move the country toward a clean and renewable energy future instead of continuing to keep America handcuffed to Big Oil and more drilling.

Nearly six in 10 Americans (58 percent) in the poll done for NRDC Action Fund said they would choose a candidate who supports moving beyond oil and investing in cleaner technologies like more fuel-efficient cars and renewable energy.

So, with this additional information now available, expect the GOP to reconsider their position and recalibrate according to the will of the American people. After all, remember what happened when stats came out revealing that 77% of Americans supported the EPA, and felt that Congress should let it do its job? Oh, right -- they swiftly moved to gut it and roll back the Clean Air Act.

Expect the GOP to ignore the biggest environmental disaster in recent US history and proceed with this legislation in Congress tomorrow. That's just how they roll these days.

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