Vote for the Best and Worst Green Websites of the Year


Image from Nigel's Eco Store

Nigel's Eco Store is holding a competition for the best and worst green websites of the year. It's a great way to learn about some new sites as well as supporting your favourites. No bias here even though this TreeHugger was a judge, because TreeHugger was a winner last year, but is not on the list this year (what!). We are in good company with fellow judges from EcoChick, the Guardian, the Green Party and Do The Green Thing.

Nigel's Eco Store is a nice online eco-store for eco-friendly products. It's been around for quite a while and is community-oriented as well as consumer-friendly.Voting closes December 31, 2009 so you can still have your say.


Images from Nigel's Eco Store

The categories are interesting and a little different than the usual. They are: Green Travel, Kids and Young People, Food and the Planet, Eco Blogs and News, On-line Campaigns, Greenest Companies, Green Living Advice, Social Media, Green Fashion, Climate Change, and Wooden Spoon, for the worst Greenwash.

Under the Greenwashing category we have 3 contenders: Monsanto, ExxonMobil and Procter & Gamble. At the moment, ExxonMobil is winning.

Nigel has also sent out a charming Christmas E-book instead of a card. In it he talks about what he thinks makes Christmas great. Each subject has some interesting tips as well as thoughts on the matter.

He talks about trees, gifts, the feast (including his recipe for vegetable stock), and his favourite part: the walk. He says that "Walking creates a pause to go back to those thoughts we don't have time for." He also likes singing on Christmas and games.

As for New Year's resolutions: we give him the final say:


Don't forget to vote by December 31.

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