Vote Ecologically, Organic Cotton T-Shirts From Under The Canopy

Women's Vote Ecologically Tee, $28. Men's Vote Ecologically Tee, $34. Both available through

With six weeks until Election Day, and just days before the first debates, there has never been a more crucial time to remind our politicians and fellow Americans to "Vote Ecologically."

ECOFashion favorite, Under the Canopy, makes it easy and sustainably-chic to spread the good word. The label's attention-grabbing, body-hugging and 100% organic cotton, "Vote Ecologically" t-shirt reminds us to choose with a conscience; and with 2% of the proceeds donated to The Rainforest Foundation, actions speak louder than words.Don't wait until you head to the ballot box this November, tell our politicians and fellow Americans how you feel NOW—so that sound environmental plans are discussed, developed and maintained. Whether you're an Independent, Republican, Democrat, Green or anything between, express the change you want to see. Register to vote, get informed, spread the word, tell Washington what's important and most of all VOTE ECOLOGICALLY.


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