Voices From the Spill: Gulf Coast Fishing Wiped Out For Decades (Video)

By this point, nearly two months since the start of the BP oil spill, you've probably seen a lot of video interviews with people from the Gulf Coast telling you how the disaster has royally screwed up their lives. TakePart has released a five-part exclusive video series that continues that theme and offers some new perspective. In the second part (above) chemist, community activist and MacArthur Genius Wilma Subra explains how this is in all likelihood the end of the line for Gulf Coast fishing, for decades at least, and how the communities along the coast may never really recover.

"You never get used to this level of emergency," she says. "When you come home at night you can't separate the science from the social impact on these communities, but you take it day to day. You get up in the morning and start again, no matter how many hours of sleep you get. Because so much of what I can do helps those communities--so I need to be there when they need me. And right now they desperately need me."

In the fifth part (below) environmental activist and Louisiana Bayoukeeper Tracy Kuhns explains how even though oil spills are actually pretty common in the region, the scale of the Deepwater Horizon disaster has everyone shell shocked.

"It has essentially put us all out of business--the marinas, the charter captains, the commercial fishermen. Nobody can do anything," she says.

Kuhns also proposes establishing parish-level oil spill clean-up crews, that would be placed on standby and would go into action in the even of future spills--and be able to just bill the oil companies for services rendered.

Watch all of them: Voices From the Spill: A Five-Part Video Series
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