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This guest post was written by The NewHouse, a student-run advertising agency from Syracuse University in New York.

To our fellow college students,

As the leaders of tomorrow, we must find ways to influence the leaders of today. The United Nations Climate Change Conference will determine the fate of our planet, the future landscape of our lives. We as a generation cannot afford to take a passive stance. We must proactively demand the right decisions from our leaders, demonstrate how small acts can accumulate to produce monumental changes, and ensure we are ahead of the race when the baton is passed. We must lead today's leaders so our future will witness more hopeful days.We at The NewHouse, a student-run advertising agency from Syracuse University, put our mark on Hopenhagen by bringing the global campaign to a local level. Our agency aimed to educate the college student on COP15 and inspire the SU community to pledge a message of hope on the online petition. To launch our efforts on campus, on Nov. 11 we took note of a flash mob event in Copenhagen and mimicked the demonstration in our own Quad. Social media vehicles garnered over 1,000 impressions of our buzz-generating message, and the event, coined "11/11. 12:07," gathered students, faculty, and local media to watch as volunteers sunbathed on a brisk New York day. The point of this flash mob was to demonstrate the growing impact of global warming—a point we successfully conveyed to the Syracuse University community.

Following this event, The NewHouse continues reaching out with the objective of increasing awareness of Hopenhagen and COP15 among the student body. Our efforts include Hopenhagen media on every television screen across campus, presentations in courses focused on sustainability and green initiatives, Facebook and Twitter messages, discussions with over 200 student organizations, petition hubs around campus, and mass emails sent by campus leaders including Chancellor Cantor, ESF President Murphy, Green Campus Initiative, and SU Sustainability.

In evaluating the state of our planet, we are at a breaking point. However, it is up to this generation and this world to decide what is next—either we continue on the same downward spiral or we step in a new direction, a direction fostered by hope for a better planet. This is the time for change.

To the leaders of tomorrow: The NewHouse challenges each of you to demonstrate your own message of hope on your respective campuses. Unify your student body under the mission of Hopenhagen, and inspire a hope that can create a community that leads our leaders into making the right decisions. Hopenhagen means change—and that change will be driven by all of us.

hopenhagen newhouse photo
The NewHouse is a student-run advertising agency from Syracuse University in New York. The NewHouse management team includes President Joe Misiewicz, Director of Strategy Emily Hicks, Creative Director Kate Overholt and New Business Director Helen Liang. Ed Russell, assistant professor of advertising, is the faculty advisor to The NewHouse.
Help turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen at hopenhagen.org.
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Voices from Hopenhagen: The NewHouse
To our fellow college students,

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