Virgin Media Launches Sustainability Website

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A lot of companies out there tend to slap the words green, sustainable, etc. on their labels without backing those claims up with any legitimately sustainable practices. Virgin Media is trying to show people that it's not one of those companies, and it recently launched a website dedicated to promoting its efforts on sustainability. talks about the company's efforts to reduce its carbon and waste footprints, as well as working with suppliers to increase the sustainability of its products through their full life cycle.

There's a waste management PDF that you can read to see more about waste reduction efforts, which include reducing the thickness of the paper used in customer communication, and there's a video about the company's paper supplier in Finland.

Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett said: "We believe this is the future of sustainability reporting. People want to see for themselves what companies like us are up to and then have a proper conversation about it. I'd encourage others to follow our lead and harness the power of digital to get their message out there."

The site seems a little thin on details, and some may argue that the resources spent on the website would be better allocated elsewhere, but that's for the viewer to judge. (And if you do judge, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.)

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